New Year. New Me. #Myrefinedstyle

We always think of a New Year resolution as a way to re-invent ourselves, whether it means promising to change a bad habit, for example, or trying something new. Maybe it's a daily goal like working out more because it makes you feel great, or something practical like actually sticking to your monthly budget (but let's be real here.. shopping is just too. much. fun). Whatever your resolution or New Year goal is, you set it because you want to improve and grow - which is really what we're all out here trying to do, anyway. So... get serious, get prepared, and get ready to look good while achieving those goals, girl! Here's a few looks to help you take on the year:


Starting From The Top

Having a nice, versatile collection of different tops to choose from, like short sleeves, formal blouses, and sweaters, is always necessary. I mean we wear them every day, right? However, few have the courage to accessorize from the tippy top. Yes, that's right! This year, step out of your comfort zone and start exploring the world of hats & beanies! After all, this "new" version of you is totally a beanie girl - you never know where new paths will lead this year! 

White Leopard Beanie

Leopard Pom Beanie Ivory/Black

Trendy, functional, and warm! This stylish beanie features soft fuzzy material, pom on the top, "cuffed" detail, ivory & black leopard print, and interior fleece lining. You'll love this so much, you'll be creating outfits around it! Unleash your new self and so much more with this bold and stylish accessory and own 2020! Mix and match this trendy piece with our thermal tops and romp around all winter long! 

Grey Leopard Spot Beanie

Leopard Pom Beanie Lt. Grey/Pink

Trendy, functional, and warm just like her sister... with a little extra kick! This stylish beanie features soft fuzzy material, pom on the top, "cuffed" detail, grey & black/pink leopard print, and interior fleece lining. This is the perfect choice for your newfound courage this year! Sport this accessory to & from the gym, or out for a winter run. Feel free to mix and match this outfit with a cute sweater & some trendy shoes and get to work on your new style!  


 Basic Pink Beanie

Cable Knit Furry Pom Beanie New Beige

This gorgeous beanie combines style and functionality! With a warm cable knit material, brown furry pom on the top, "cuffed" detail, and interior fleece lining, you'll keep warm all winter long while rocking the cutest outfit. Wear this classy and simple even tone headwear on dates, night out with the girls, or football games this year! 'Tis the season for trying new things! 

 Basic White Beanie

Leopard Pom Beanie Ivory/Black

Just like its blush counterpart, this warm cable knit beanie comes with a furry top pom and goes with literally anything you put on! Throw on this fun find with a pair of denim or black jeans and mix and match with some winter outerwear pieces! This year, you promised yourself growth; whether it means in your career, relationships, or in your community. Get out there and make progress... but don't forget to grab this beanie on your way out! 


Roll Up Your Sleeves For A Long Year 

The road to "re-invention" is going be a long one. We'd be lying if we said that growth & breaking old habits was easy. There's going to be bumps in the road, probably (definitely) some crying, and you'll definitely be tested. Just remember: You've got this, girl. And we'll be here to put the "therapy" in "retail therapy," if you need a little pick-me-up. Gear up, because the next group of must-have outfits is a collection of comfy yet crazy cute attire that just speaks success and ambition! (You'll be too excited to wake up and get dressed in the mornings!)

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